Ultimate Custom Night

Ultimate Custom Night is a fascinating horror game that combines all the animatronics you know from the famous Five Nights series of games. Here, the user will play the role a security guard who will monitor the order in the rooms with the help of installed video cameras throughout the entire time. However, while doing this simple and usual work, certain creatures such as animatronics can appear and they will struggle to get to the security room. The main goal of the player is to prevent the approach of these creatures and to cope with them as soon as they come to the player. You should do your utmost to fend off these killer animatronics!
The main feature of Ultimate Custom Night is the presence of animatronics, the number of which has reached 50 pieces. Each of them has its own behavior, which makes them unique and unusual. Also, they all have their own weaknesses that the player has to find out. It’s intriguing, isn’t it? Play in the new challenge mode, in which you have to complete 16 themed challenges. As you play, you can unlock new office skins and cool videos.
Thus, the Ultimate Custom Night game is an amazing way to plunge into the atmosphere of horror and overwhelming fear, which will make you take a fresh look at the danger hidded in the dark. All fans of horror genre will surely like this atmospheric game.

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