Poppy Playtime

Do you want to experience real fear from collision with creatures from one species of which the blood runs cold in your veins? No, these are not creepy ghosts or horrible monsters. Although in a sense they can be called that. These are ordinary children’s toys set in motion by an unknown force. And this power is not at all good. Once they were produced in one large factory, but something happened, and cute plush animals came to life, pounced on employees. Since then, the plant has been closed, and the abandoned building has completely passed into the power of toys. You accidentally wandered here and now they are hunting you. Playing Poppy Playtime you must find a way out of this frightening place and at the same time reveal its dark secrets!

The action begins right at the factory. Everything that happens on the screen is shown in the first person, and so it is even worse. You only see what is directly in front of the main character, so your vision is limited. To react to any sound, you have to turn, but you will not be able to see what or who is making it right away. Compared to horror games where we play from a third person or from a top view, it immerses you in the atmosphere much better. Also, you will see your hands, with which you can perform various manipulations.

By the way, about this. In one of the rooms you will find an extremely curious device. It is a backpack with two palms on extension cords. You can shoot them in front of you at any distance to take an object or press a button. This will be very useful to you during the passage because you will have to reach distant objects very often. Sometimes you simply cannot get to the right place except with the help of these manipulative hands. They can also conduct electricity, allowing you to open doors with electronic sensors and start up old equipment.

After all, the gameplay is wandering around the plant, opening doors and looking for keys. In the process, you will find scraps of information that will help you recreate the factory’s past. You will find out what happened here and you will be able to penetrate all the secrets of this mysterious place. At the same time, you need to be careful because the toys won’t wait long before making their move. At first they will just watch you, but in the end they will decide that the right moment has come and will try to attack. Get ready to run, hide and sometimes fight for your life!

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