Poppy Playtime Quest

If you like to solve various intricate cases, then we know what you should immediately do. Join the Poppy Playtime game and help the protagonist investigate what happened at the toy factory many years ago. So what was that mysterious story about? The thing is that one day, every worker unexpectedly disappeared from the factory. And no one has ever seen them again. But one the former workers does not believe in this unexplained incident. He is sure he will be able to find the clue to the past events if he is back to that location. There must be something left there to allow him to understand those events. So he arrived at the abandoned building in the search of some evidence. A poor guy does not know yet what a dreadful adventure awaits him. But very soon, he understands he is not alone inside. Seemingly friendly toys turn into bloodthirsty monsters in the night. And they do not like this intervention into their territory. So now, the main hero needs to develop a survival plan, and you need to help him in this matter. The first task is to make friends with some toys, as they know every little corner of the old building and will be useful for you. And the task is to get armed with special devices to move forward. Grabpack is one of these tools. It is a backpack with magic arms that can reach and move distant objects. It is also equipped with a wire that conducts electricity – an inevitable thing is a dark place full of monsters. Move confidently to your target and do not allow enemies to scare you to death. Good luck!

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