Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Once upon a time, Playtime was the leader in the toy market. They produced tons of teddy bears, dolls and other favorites for children of all ages. The conveyors never stopped working, and more and more toys came off them, which were immediately grabbed from the store shelves. The factory even had a special showroom that also served as a playroom where visitors could browse the assortment and admire the giant Huggy Wuggy, the company’s most popular toy.

And then one day it all sank into oblivion. The plant stopped, all the staff disappeared somewhere. It seems that every person who was in the building just disappeared into thin air. Investigations led nowhere, and gradually this case was forgotten. And now the factory has been empty for many years. But the locals say that sometimes they hear strange sounds from the inside and see the light. Perhaps there is still someone left? Or is there evil spirits at work here? Or maybe all this is just idle inventions? You decide to figure out what’s going on and embark on an incredible adventure that awaits you in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2!

To understand what’s going on here, you have to explore the entire factory from top to bottom. There are many floors and rooms, a large basement and several secret passages that you have to find. Therefore, you have a lot of work to do. In the course of the action, you will have to solve various puzzles – for example, open doors, select access codes and guess how to use objects that fall into your hands to achieve your goal. You will also find recordings and videotapes to help shed light on long-standing events.

But the main thing is that you must stay alert! There is clearly someone inside. This someone is watching you while remaining invisible, but you feel that he is just waiting for the right time to attack. Who could it be? The terrible truth is that toys have rebelled against the employees of the company! Now these are terrible monsters thirsty for blood. Your blood! They will not tolerate your presence and will try to harass you. Get ready for tons of screamers and keep your head cool if you want to survive!

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