Poppy Playtime Chapter 1

Some old and lonely buildings can keep horrifying secrets. And we will tell you about one story where incredible things happened. Once a terrible tragedy shocked the neighborhood – all workers disappeared from the toy factory. The investigation reached a dead end and the building remained idle since that time. But suddenly one guy decided to refresh that case and find some evidence. But he needs to return to the former production are to look for some hints and traces. And once he entered the old premises, he is immediately involved in a chain of thrilling adventures. The main hero very soon finds out he is not alone in this place. He finds himself in the middle of a true nightmare – old toys unexpectedly came to life. And now, they are not lovely plush animals but dangerous enemies ready to kill everyone who interrupts their usual life setup. What secrets are they hiding here? And what do they know about people who once disappeared here? The main hero will have to find answers to these questions. But this task will be extremely difficult. He will have to confront a giant monster known as Huggy Wuggy. This creature will not let him relax not even for a second, inventing more and more terrible traps. Don’t be fooled by his smile. It is an ominous grin that the antagonist puts on to trick you and reach you into his deadly hugs. Stay away from this monster until you find a way to remove him. Solve puzzles, complete tasks and keep moving to the main secret buried here for years. Only you can dig out the truth, no matter how frightening it can be.

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