Granny Horror Game

In the first-person horror game Granny, you should escape the spooky house full of traps. However, the escape will not be easy as the evil granny will rush after you at full speed if she hears at least one rustle.
Granny constantly walks around the house and looks for a player, setting traps for him along the way. If she finds him, she will immediately run to him and try to stun him with a bat. Then she puts him to bed in the player’s room and leaves. While the player is unconscious, Granny puts Teddy in its place. When the player wakes up, she starts looking for him again to stun him. This continues until the fifth day. If Granny stuns him on the fifth day, then when the player wakes up, she will kill him (either eat him alive, or chop off his head on the guillotine).
Granny can walk throughout the house, except for the places where she needs to bend to pass. When searching, Granny does not look into the closets and under the beds. However, if she saw the player hiding in one of these places, she will find and stun him. She can also kill you immediately if you have Teddy in your hands or if you are holding a book. She does not enter the Secret Place connecting the basement and the bedroom but only on condition that there is no noise from there.
Explore the house, study all its rooms, avoid traps on time, and do everything possible to get out of this house safe and sound. Do you best and try to survive in a house in which every sound you make may be posthumous…

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