Evil Nun

If you have long wanted to test your nerves for strength and play some cool horror games, and all the others are already boring, then you are very lucky because before you is the new game Evil Nun. In this first-person horror game, you have to control a boy who must run away from an evil nun. This possessed woman or ghost grabbed him and shut him up at the school in order to complete the satanic ritual. For unknown reasons, this particular boy plays an important role in the ritual.
Evil Nun is pretty scary fun that is sure to make you bounce in your chair more than once. In addition, this atmospheric game is equipped with cool sound effects and quite creepy graphics, and all this together is a sign of atmosphere and fear.
What could be scarier than being locked in a school with a nun? You need to find out all her secrets and try to avoid unexpected turns. This woman hears everything around, so be careful not to attract the attention of this character. To stay alive, it is best to hide and move unnoticed but if you want to win, you will have to solve several puzzles, so you will have no time to sit back. A large space of the educational institution opens up for you, explore all the classrooms and look into every dark corner.

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