Have you heard of the new addictive horror game Poppy Playtime? Then it’s time to get to know its characters! The main monster against which you have to fight is Huggy Wuggy. He looks like a shaggy blue creature with a huge, friendly smile on his face. But do not be fooled by his cute appearance – as soon as he opens his toothy mouth, you will hear the eerie roar of a hungry monster! He will definitely kill you if you come too close. Stay as far away from him as possible.

Another antagonist is the adorable Poppy doll. This is the dream of any girl, moreover, she has a winding mechanism with which she can walk and talk. But now this doll has become evil and she wants not to play but to kill. You can find her in one of the workshops, where separate parts of her body – arms, legs and head – will be laid out on manufacturing lines. A truly frightening sight! Especially when you see the eyes on the head suddenly clip…

There are other, equally creepy toys here. For example, a cute dinosaur that is as aggressive as a T-Rex. You can also find its wreckage in the factory grounds. But be careful – he’s probably wandering around somewhere. And he’s very hungry! Boogie Robot walks with him for company in the building, which was supposed to awaken children’s interest in technology. But now he is using his mechanical advantages to kill people, and this does not inspire enthusiasm at all.

Well, and where without cute plush animals! On cardboard boxes scattered throughout the factory, you will see Candy Cat – a blue kitten with lollipop. Now he is not at all interested in sweets. For him, human flesh tastes better, and he will happily tear you to pieces if he catches you. It is not recommended to pet this cat if you meet him during your searches! Another cat, orange-striped, his brother, is also not distinguished by friendliness. You can see how he drives out on the conveyor and suddenly comes to life before your eyes. Meet all Poppy Playtime characters playing this great horror game online and see if you can deal with them!

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