Baby in Yellow

In this game, you will become a babysitter. But where is the horror, you will immediately ask. Wait a little, and you will have a response. Of course, you could not even think that a little baby can turn out to be so scary and honestly frightening. At first, everything seemed find. But the longer you look after him, the more you notice that something is not ok with the child, but you quickly cast aside bad thoughts. However, your instinct did not let you down. And very soon, you will realize that you were not mistaken! Scary things start to happen in the house and all you want to do is run away without looking back. You have only left him alone for a moment, and he disappears. You realize you are in danger as the kid turns into a real monster. Now, you need to survive and escape this place as soon as possible. For this, you have to try to solve the mystery that surrounds this terrifying boy. Lots of intriguing tasks are waiting for you – they will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. To do this, you need to move through the rooms of the house in search of a missing child. You have to go through a lot of terrifying moments in the gameplay. And an ominous atmosphere will only add some fear. But you have no other solution but to be strong till the very end.

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