Among Us

This game is a real find for those who love to tickle their nerves and test their detective skills. All events will unfold on a spaceship. As it turns out there are several traitors among the crew, and they are planning to destroy the ship and kill all the astronauts. But it is not so easy as it may seem to you now. The thing is that nobody knows who exactly is the enemy. After all, you can be both an ordinary astronaut and a traitor. This is a great opportunity to feel like a real hero or a cool and elusive imposter who is ready for terrible things at any second. Are you ready to plunge into an atmosphere of danger? The feeling of imminent betrayal will awaken intuition and make all your senses sharper several times. What role are you going to try one? Will you become a hero and save the ship’s crew? Or are you going to trick everyone and become an elusive traitor? You will play together with real gamers. Your task is to convince others that you are not a treacherous impostor. For more emotions, you can communicate with team members. If you are looking for the killer, then look for the slightest clues that can lead you to the culprit. And if you are the killer yourself, then try not to be caught, until you deal with the last astronaut. Tense atmosphere and suspense make the game very intense and dynamic.

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