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What are the scariest moments in any horror movie? Here you are walking along some abandoned building, there is not a soul around, in the silence you can hear every rustle, you are afraid of your own steps. Your nerves are on edge, you do not know what to expect the next moment. And suddenly some creepy creature appears in front of you. This happens quietly and unnoticed. Just a second ago, there was no one here yet – and now someone is standing right in front of you. From this you can jump on a chair out of surprise and fear while playing Poppy Playtime!

This game was released recently but has already gained extraordinary popularity. All thanks to the thoughtful gameplay that first immerses you in the exploration of an abandoned toy factory, solving puzzles and thinking about how to get into the next room – and then scares you with sudden screamers. Because of this, you have sudden changes in emotions, adrenaline is injected into your bloodstream and you get the very thing for which people generally play horror games – your thrill.

The toys in Poppy Playtime are really intimidating. The developers have tried their best to introduce the latest graphics into the game. Everything here is very detailed, you can endlessly wander around this plant, just looking around. There will be many scary moments, so get ready! But they will not start right away, because the player still needs to get used to the gameplay and understand what to do here.

Your task is to figure out what happened at the factory many years ago, when it unexpectedly closed, although the company was flourishing. Probably the whole point is in these animated toys. They are incredibly bloodthirsty and ready to tear to pieces anyone who approaches them. Fortunately, you will not be unarmed, in your hands you will have a special device designed for self-defense and more. The creators of the game have prepared for you many interesting things and gadgets that can be found in the factory!

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